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 "Dissonant Reflections: Unraveling Virtual Reality," the art collection goal is to explore the intricate interplay between digital hyperconnectivity and the quest for authenticity within our virtual landscape. Central to this collection is the portrayal of the distortion of reality engendered by the ubiquity of social media. Through a meticulously detailed series of paintings, I endeavor to depict this duality by incorporating multiple eyes as symbols of the heightened awareness emblematic of our contemporary era. This array of artworks prompts viewers to contemplate how this heightened consciousness influences our lives and personal bonds. Embedded within the essence of my creations are elements harkening back to historical epochs and inspirations derived from modern art luminaries such as Sean Scully, Martin Puryear, and Donald Judd. The ethos of "look-think-look again" philosophy, emblematic of these artistic influences, serves as a guiding principle for my work. 

The People's Collection

Mexican Proverbs