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New People Revealed, is a collection that delicately weaves whispers of various themes onto canvas. This series encapsulates a tapestry of murmurs, from the impact of the digital age and the distortion of reality in the era of social media, to the silenced voices of the past, my aspirations, and innermost desires. Through intricate paintings adorned with multiple eyes, I beckon viewers to delve into the hushed conversations, inviting reflection on how our hyperconnected world shapes our lives and relationships.

The paths humanity has trodden have left an indelible mark on Earth, a legacy marked by conflict and devastation. Thus, when envisioning my characters, it became evident that they could not bear human feet. Instead, they have adapted to their fantastical realm, where the inhabitants, the Alebrijes, thrive. As we confront the complexities of our time, "The New People" stand as a testament to resilience, adaptation, and the enduring interconnectedness of all life forms on Earth and in the realms of imagination