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The Noise of Silence

The Noise of Silence

Technique: Mix-media: oils, acrylic on canvas.

Size: 48x48x1.5



This painting is a visual exploration of the contradictions of our digital era. In a world saturated with information, where the voices of countless sources compete for our attention, we often find that the true meaning gets lost in the noise. This piece invites the viewer to reflect on the nature of silence amidst the constant buzz of modern communication.


Through the portrayal of an enigmatic figure with three eyes and deer ears, holding telephone cans connected by white strings, the complexity of our online interactions is illustrated. The multiple logos of social media and communication platforms hovering above the figure's head symbolize the omnipresence of information in our contemporary society.


Amidst all this visual distraction, we become observers, where medicine, news, and narrative play an important role in our lives, without questioning anything, accepting new formats of life. In this chaos, there is a book and some letters that are there to give us a sigh.


In the middle of the painting, certain symbols stand out as they are separated from the contemporary logos present in social media and communication platforms. This arrangement invites us to reflect on whom we truly listen to amidst the digital information overload. Are we swayed by the fleeting voices of social media, or do we connect with deeper, enduring truths?

On the wall, a tangled web is drawn with gray plastic tape, where the cords of the telephone cans intertwine. On the floor, there are seven real cans where these cords converge, further emphasizing the entanglement of communication in our digital age.

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