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Lost and Found

Lost and Found

Medium: Mix media;  Oil, acrylycs,fiber, porcelain 

Canvas; 48"Wx 56"H x2"D

Fabric Kite body:26"L 28"W

Porclaine Pistachios: Diferen sizes total of 60 pz



Description of the Artwork: "Lost and Found"

"Lost and Found" is a work that narrates a personal journey, a path towards regaining the ability to marvel at happy circumstances and to laugh sincerely. During a period of life, these abilities seemed lost, but after years of healing, it has been possible to reconnect with that inner child who was waiting in a corner of the soul.

Being innocent is a precious gift. This work celebrates that gift, embracing and accepting it fully, but now, with the wisdom acquired through lived experiences, it is possible to recognize lies and pain. Therefore, the painting includes the figure of Pinocchio, symbolizing the ability to discern truth and manage suffering.

An element from the past represented in the work is pistachios, evoking family moments where the only concern was to crack the shell to enjoy the feast together. These pistachios, painted at the base of the canvas, spill out of the painting, creating a small pile of pistachios and shells on the floor beneath the artwork. The kite, which also extends out of the painting, symbolizes freedom, representing the ability to soar with imagination as well as self-perception. The toys, in turn, reflect flashes of childhood, a time when play was a refuge from the cruel world of adults.

This painting seeks to express these feelings of reunion with innocence, while striving to elicit empathy and emotional connection from the viewer. By integrating 2D and 3D elements, it creates an immersive and tangible experience.

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