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"Diverse Tears: Breathing Life into a Fragile Planet"

"Diverse Tears: Breathing Life into a Fragile Planet"

Mix media. Acrylic, gel sticks, on canvas 

36"Wx 36"Hx 1.5"D 



Her tears fall gently on the fish,

Breathing life to its fragile frame,

As hope springs forth from a heart that's rich,

In love for life that's not in vain.

In her gaze two trees stand tall,

Branches bare, leaves long gone,

A silent witness to it all,

The destruction that we've wrought upon.

His eyes reflect a world of pain,

Aching for what has been lost,

As she longs to see it whole again,

And life's true worth to count the cost.

For every tear we shed could earn,

A chance to heal and calm the storms,

To cherish life in all its forms,

And revive a world that's yelling from inside.


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