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Artist Statement 

I am an artist living in the United States, and a unique blend of surrealism and abstract elements characterizes my work.


In my artwork, I have created a character called 'New People,' a fusion of beings with multiple eyes, many hands, and chicken feet. The many eyes represent the multitude of perspectives and unique viewpoints that shape our human experience. In contrast, these chicken feet, in particular, symbolize a reconnection to the natural world. Humans, through their use of human feet, have often left destruction in their wake.

In a society where the lines between connection and isolation are increasingly blurred, 'New People' stands as a symbol of our constant evolution.

My work is heavily influenced by the age of social media, instantaneity, and how our emotions are molded as if they were clay. My primary focus lies in how the line between the real and the unreal is blurring, thereby undermining our ability to connect meaningfully in an increasingly digital world.

I aspire to trigger more than a visual experience when you stand before one of my paintings. My intention goes far beyond aesthetics; it aims to spark deep introspection and ignite a dialogue within each viewer.

In the captivating eyes of 'New People,' I hope you see a reflection of your complex journey and a commentary on the challenges of our contemporary existence.


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