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Spiritual Endurance: The Ultimate Marathon

Spiritual Endurance: The Ultimate Marathon

Mix-Media: acrylic, oil pastels




The artist invites viewers to explore the profound juxtaposition of a bustling cityscape against a solitary figure poised atop an ascending staircase. The piece serves as a compelling commentary on the relentless pace of modern life and the pursuit of higher, more meaningful wisdom.


The central figure, adorned with a unique turtle shell as a hat, symbolizes both the resilience and wisdom that come with patience. This character possesses not two, but four eyes, signifying a heightened sense of perception and awareness in a world often marred by distractions.


In his outstretched hands, the figure cradles two feathers, ready for flight. These feathers represent the potential for liberation and transcendence from urban chaos, reflecting the universal desire for escape and freedom.


Beneath the figure's feet sprawls the sprawling metropolis, a testament to the decadence and complexities of contemporary city life. Tentacle-like white USB-C cables reach out, symbolizing the relentless distractions and technological demands that seek to ensnare the individual and make them a slave to the digital world. Yet, the figure remains ungrasped by these technological tentacles, as it was too late for the temptations to claim dominion over his spirit.


With determination and resolve, he has embarked on a journey far beyond the urban grind, seeking peace and love in distant realms. Adorning his chest is a paper, reminiscent of a runner's bib, proudly displaying a Greek name. This name serves as a guide, offering a path to a realm beyond the Earth's decadence and self-destruction, inviting viewers to embark on a journey to a better place.


Spiritual Endurance: The Ultimate Marathon" invites viewers to contemplate the dichotomy between the decadence of this  world and the quest for inner wisdom and eternal peace, highlighting the resilience of this lone individual in resisting the snares of technology and remaining free to pursue a higher purpose.

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