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Her artistic journey is deeply rooted in her personal history and the world, embracing both its positives and negatives.

As an artist, she uses her work to raise awareness about inequality, manipulation of social media and social injustice. She aims to capture the complexities and contradictions within herself and society, recognizing the dualities.

Being someone with ADHD, her art is the lens through which she examines the world .

As a social being, she seeks connection, but the fine thread often separates her reality from her desires, fueled by social media illusions. In this era of instant gratification, she believes social media shapes emotions like malleable clay, distorting realities and hindering genuine connections.

Her art serves as a heartfelt call for awareness in a world dominated by immediate gratification. It's her voice to address societal challenges and find authenticity.

Her personal challenges inspire her to showcase the world as she sees it, occasionally highlighting events outside her bubble.

Her work is a vivid tapestry interwoven with her personal journey, societal interactions, and the rich fabric of historical contexts.

Guided by the philosophy of Donald Judd's 'look-think-look again,' she inspires fresh perspectives through her creations, nurturing deeper thought in a time when profound reflection is often overlooked.

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