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A picture of Ivette Ramos Levy standing in front of one of her works.

Ivette Levy's artistic journey is deeply rooted in personal history and the world, embracing both its positives and negatives. She strives to capture the complexities and contradictions within herself and society, acknowledging their dualities. Ivette's paintings reflect a fusion of her experiences, societal interactions, and historical contexts.

Living with ADHD, she offers a unique perspective through her art. While craving connection as a social being, she often grapples with the delicate balance between reality and desires, influenced by the illusions propagated through social media. In an age of instant gratification, she observes how social media molds emotions like malleable clay, distorting realities and hindering genuine connections.

Through her art, Ivette earnestly advocates for awareness in a society consumed by immediate gratification. Drawing inspiration from her personal struggles, she sheds light on aspects often overlooked by mainstream media.

Her objective is to foster a fresh outlook through her creations. In a time where superficiality often prevails, her art encourages deeper introspection and reflection

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