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Challenging the Pattern: Stitches of Freedom

Challenging the Pattern: Stitches of Freedom

Medium: Acrylic, gelatos on canvas

Size: 44"W x 57'H


Challenging the Pattern: Stitches of Freedom" is a visual representation of the constant struggle between individuality and social pressure to conform to pre-established norms. In the painting, a nude woman with exaggerated features holds a measuring tape in her hand, symbolizing both the measurement imposed by society and her decision to take control of her own life.

The background is composed of sewing patterns, representing the artificial construction of identities conforming to predesigned models. The red threads running through the fabric and emerging from the woman's breasts symbolize the pain and oppression caused by these social expectations.

Additionally, the presence of scattered pins throughout the painting represents the small but constant pains that society imposes but are not necessarily forced to accept. These pins are symbols of the daily pressures and expectations that can cause discomfort and unease.

However, despite these challenges, the woman displays a bird wing in one of her eyes, suggesting a message of liberation and autonomy. She has found the inner strength to challenge the imposed limitations and fly on her own.

"Challenging the Pattern: Stitches of Freedom" invites the viewer to reflect on the restrictions imposed by social norms and to celebrate the courage of those who dare to defy them in search of their own truth and freedom, even in the face of the small constant pains they may encounter along the way

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