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Transcending Borders

Transcending Borders

Mix media. Acrylic, gel sticks.  on canvas 

36" W x 48"H x1.5"D



Through the depiction of a chessboard as a microcosm of life's challenges and choices, three symbolic pawns emerge, representing the struggles of humanity against power dynamics. Each pawn carries a sign bearing untranslatable words from different languages, encapsulating profound human experiences. The gazes of the pawns rise toward the upper right corner of the canvas, as if seeking guidance in the vast symphony of existence. As an immigrant, I've personally experienced the frustration of struggling to convey emotions and thoughts that sometimes seem beyond the grasp of words. On the upper left side of the canvas, a white square with vertical lines, squares, and rectangles represents the universal language—a non-physical continuation of the chessboard's lines, signifying a spiritual connection that transcends boundaries. With the North Star guiding the way, this painting navigates the fine balance between individuality and a higher sense of belonging, resonating with the exhibition's exploration of the imperfect nature of dialogue and the quest for genuine understanding

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