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Unveiling Earth's Illusions

Unveiling Earth's Illusions

Description: My latest artwork is a handcrafted articulated doll made from clay and papier-mâché. With three eyes and a chicken foot, it embodies a sense of curiosity and questioning akin to the "New People." Positioned atop a wooden cube, each side of the cube features a different map of the Earth throughout history.These maps, each portraying distinct representations of the continents, evoke a fundamental question: do we truly possess accurate dimensions of the continents in the present day, or have they been manipulated by powerful governments to exaggerate the size of their countries?Through this piece, I invite viewers to reflect on the subjective nature of cartography and the potential political agendas behind the portrayal of geographic realities. It challenges us to reconsider our perceptions of the world and encourages us to seek a deeper understanding of the forces shaping our global landscape.

Technique: Dry-Clay, papel mache, acrylics

Doll Size:18x9x5"

Cube size: 6"x6"x6"


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