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The Bee of Memory

The Bee of Memory

Technique: Mix Media: Gold leaf, acrylics, digital Art, plastic, lights on canvas 

36"wx 36"H x 2"D


In this work,  I invite the viewer to engage in a visual exploration within the beehive. Each hexagon houses a sample of my past work, illuminated by light that reveals part of this painting collection when viewed from the front.

Immersing themselves in this interactive installation, viewers are challenged to find a special bee hidden among the others. This unique bee, with its three eyes and chicken legs, symbolizes the uniqueness and evolution of my artistic practice. It serves as a symbol of constant transformation and exploration of new forms of expression, representing a deeper connection to my inspiration, motivations, and creative journey.

As they explore the hive, viewers can reflect on the nature of creativity and memory, searching not only for the bee but also uncovering the stories and emotions behind each painting. Through this participatory experience, I hope to foster curiosity and interaction with my work, inviting viewers to embark on a journey of artistic discovery and self-reflection.

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