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Relentless innocence faded hope

Relentless innocence faded hope

Technique: Mix media. Watercolor, acrylic, oil  pastel, colored pencil, gel sticks. Mounted on a wood panel.

Size: 22" W x 30"H x 1"D



In this  painting, "Relentless Innocence Faded Hope," I delve into the profound relationship between a mother and her two children, where reality and fantasy intertwine. The central figure, a mother, embodies a dual existence, with one-half of her face transforming into a wondrous lunar dreamscape.


Within the delicate and subtle layers of pale paint, hidden in the background, lies a collection of adjectives. These words, visible only when illuminated from a particular angle, invite the viewer to engage in the act of discovery. They convey sentiments that only a mother's discerning eyes can perceive, serving as the very essence of her motivation to protect her children.


In each of her loving hands, she gently covers one eye of her two children, symbolizing her protective instinct and her fervent desire to shield them from what she perceives as the world's dangers. It is as if she alone can see the hidden truths, the invisible perils, that only a mother's discerning eyes can discern, words that remain elusive to the rest of the world.

To the left of the composition, a staircase stands as a pathway to escape this realm, an invitation to venture beyond the confines of their immediate surroundings, a visual representation of the aspirations she holds for her children.


The profound, unspoken dialogue in this artwork encapsulates the universal theme of maternal love and protection, underscoring the maternal instinct to shield one's children from life's challenges.  The painting beckons viewers to contemplate the profound depths of maternal devotion and the eternal journey of nurturing and safeguarding dreams.


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