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Breaking Illusions

Breaking Illusions


Size: 48"W x48"H X1.5" D

Medium: Mix- Media: Acrylic, gel sticks, oils sticks. 


In "Breaking Illusions," viewers are transported into a surreal realm where the boundaries between reality and imagination dissolve. An open cage in the upper right corner symbolizes liberation from societal constraints. Emerging from the cage are ants, symbolic of humanity, seeking freedom, while the central figure removes virtual reality goggles, breaking free from an illusory world. The figure's attire features an image of a rabbit's nest with a newborn rabbit, symbolizing rebirth and connection with nature.

In their hand, the figure holds two pills, one red and one blue, offering them to the observer. These pills represent the choice between reality and illusion, between awakening and remaining sedated in a world of false perceptions.

In the lower left corner of the painting, a line of ants marches toward the canvas, hypnotized by the allure of virtual reality goggles. They form a human pyramid, symbolizing addiction and obsession with technology that often disconnects us from the vibrant colors and richness of the natural world.

This artwork serves as a metaphor for how we can lose ourselves in the unreality created by technology, neglecting to appreciate the true beauty and diversity of the world around us. "Breaking Illusions" challenges viewers to reflect on the nature of reality and question the self-imposed barriers that limit our understanding of the world. By venturing beyond our comfort zones, we open ourselves to new experiences and discoveries that can transform our perception of the universe.

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