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Wave of Freedom

Wave of Freedom

TECHNIQIUE: Porcelain, dry clay, fabric, metal wire mesh , acrylics.

SIZE: 33"W x 39"H 4"D 



"Wave of Freedom" is a sculpture mounted on a canvas that encapsulates the dynamic and multifaceted essence of the movement towards liberation.

The piece features a yellow wave where a variety of elements intertwine in a continuous flow of shapes and textures. Yellow chicken fingers with red-painted nails emerge forcefully, standing out amidst the chaos of movement with their characteristic glow.

These fingers, with their red nails, symbolize the determination and courage to confront challenges and stand out amidst turbulence. Along with other forms, such as yellow peaks, shapes evoking yellow sperms, and balls of different sizes made of yellow plush fabric, all these elements intertwine with varying thicknesses and measures, creating a composition that celebrates the diversity and complexity of the journey towards freedom.

The background painted in sky blue provides a vibrant contrast and evokes the breadth of the horizon, while the overlaid mosquito net mesh adds a sense of fluid movement, like ocean waves. This combination of visual elements creates an immersive sensory experience that invites the viewer to delve into the energy and vitality of the struggle for freedom.

"Wave of Freedom" is more than just a sculpture; it is a symbol of resistance, perseverance, and the beauty that arises when we dare to challenge imposed limitations and navigate towards new horizons of authenticity and freedom.

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