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Oro Verde/ Green Gold

Oro Verde/ Green Gold

Technique: Mix media. Watercolor, acrylic, colored pencil, gel sticks. Mounted on a wood panel.

Size: 22" W x 30"H x 1"D



Oro verde/ Green gold. A Bittersweet Memory,' is a portrayal of my roots and a reflection on the complex realities faced by farmers in Mexico. In this work, a feminine figure with penetrating eyes becomes a symbol of my personal memory, surrounded by a lush garden. Instead of breasts, her chest reflects two avocados split in half, paying homage to the natural richness of my homeland.

Above her head, an avocado tree stands majestically, laden with fruits that intertwine with faces resembling confused individuals. These faces represent the silent struggle of Mexican farmers, caught in a system that has turned avocados into 'green gold' but often leaves them unprotected and vulnerable.

The starry nighttime sky enveloping the scene symbolizes the darkness and mystery surrounding this industry, where profits and violence intertwine in the shadows. My painting is a reminder of the bitterness I feel when witnessing how a source of pride has turned sour due to the conditions in which thousands of Mexican farmers find themselves.

Through this artwork, I aim to raise awareness about the lack of regulation and support for producers and question the origin of the avocados that grace our tables. Are they tainted with the innocent blood of those who struggle to cultivate them? 'Oro Verde: A Bittersweet Memory' is an expression of my concern and a call to reflect on our connection to the land and the shared responsibility to change this reality.

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