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Teaching Art is a deeply fulfilling and purposeful profession for me. The act of creating brings me immense joy and a sense of aliveness that I strive to pass on to my students. Witnessing my students successfully apply new information and techniques is a gratifying experience that affirms my expertise in the field. It is a powerful feeling to know that I am contributing to the next generation's development as artists and creative thinkers, and this sense of impact gives my life greater meaning. Teaching Art is not just a job for me; it is a passion that I am honored to share with my students

Watercolor Tutorials

Aurora Borealis

Easter Eggs with Salt

Leaves with Gold Powder

Moon Scenery

Salt Effect

Snail with Leaves

Succulent Plants

Wet on Wet Techniques

Winter Trees

Autumn Aspen Trees

Easter Wreath


Night in the City

Spring Flowers

Valentine's Gnome

Wet on Wet, Wet on Dry

Bee & Lavender Field


Easter Bunny

Ice Cream Cone

Loose Roses

Old Door with Flowers

Pine Tree Bookmarks


Simple Flowers


Wet on Dry Techniques #2

Whale with Salt

Acrylic Tutorials

3 Ways to Paint a Bokeh

Chihuahua and Flowers

Sunset on the Lake

Winter Full Moon

Valentine's Heart Tassel

Cherry Blossom

Mountain Pines in Fog

Sunset Lake with Geese

Winter Deer

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