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On the Path to Conquer My Fears

On the Path to Conquer My Fears

Medium: Mix Media: Acrylics, gel stick, on canvas 

Size: 36x48"x1.5D



     I embark on a profound exploration of personal courage and the relentless journey of overcoming inner fears.

     This artwork features a unique being with three eyes, one of which wears the helmet of a Trojan soldier, seamlessly fused with a metal horse reminiscent of the legendary Trojan Horse. However, what sets this composition apart is the inclusion of chicken legs as a powerful symbol.

These chicken legs symbolize the human feet, often agents of pain and destruction throughout history. 

     The central figure holds a pocket watch, resolutely pointing at 7:00 AM, symbolizing the awakening of inner strength and the determination to confront one's deepest anxieties.

     Inside the watch, there is an inscription that reflects my beliefs: "Redeem the time." This phrase serves as a reminder of the preciousness of each moment and the urgency to find spiritual peace and Eternal life.

     Below, a graphical representation constructed from simple sticks tracks the fears conquered and those that still await resolution.

     "On the Path to Conquer My Fears" invites viewers to reflect on their own struggles with fear and the transformative power of courage. It serves as a visual narrative of the ongoing journey towards self-discovery and personal growth, emphasizing the significance of confronting fears as a means of liberation.

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