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An image of an artist's studio, with various art utensils laid out.

Private 1-on-1

FaceTime 1-on-1

Chose the techniques that you would like to learn: Watercolor, Acrylic, or Colored pencil

Length of lesson: 2 hours (we can finish before)

What you can expect

• This is a private 1-on-1 tutorial session. You will need to have access to Facebook Messenger to be able to connect with me on a Facebook video link. The video stream will be between just you and I.
Class work can be shared in a private (secret) Facebook group that is only accessible to my students.

• I will provide you with a list of the materials that you will need in plenty of time before the class. What you will require depends what you want to learn, you will receive a specific link. We can decide which technique  you want

• I will provide you with the image that you will need to print beforehand, if needed, as well as a finished sample that you can use as a visual aid.

• I will teach you using a step by step system, until the 2 hours are up. It’ll be an interactive lesson, so don’t be afraid to ask me questions or check things etc. as we go along.

• The video will stay in the class room for you to watch for the next 2 weeks, so if you missed anything, you can rewatch and pause it as needed.

• Critiques of your work in progress, or finished piece, for a professional review or progressive suggestions

• The price of individual classes are $60 per session online.

• Full payment is required 24 hours before the class. If you need to cancel the class, you will have 24 hours before the scheduled date. Make up classes are not available.

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