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"We are Just Another Tenant"

Through my intricate and rhythmic sculptures, my goal is to spark empathy and forge a profound

connection with nature. As viewers engage with the artwork, I hope to inspire them to become

passionate advocates for coral reef preservation, protecting these precious underwater


I was inspired by the marine sanctuaries and parks in the USA dedicated to the protection and

restoration of coral reefs. This inspiration led me to create 20 ceramic sculptures with varying

sizes and designs. Some sculptures resemble actual corals, while others are products of my


Each ceramic sculpture represents a coral form, some in vibrant colors, while others in muted

tones to symbolize their fading vitality. While some sculptures are placed upon wooden boxes to

enhance your auditory and visual experience, not every sculpture is on a pedestal. These boxes

incorporate a component that emits the sound of a heartbeat, creating a rhythmic connection with

the coral form, accompanied by a synchronized soft red glow that emanates from within the

sculpture, inviting you to peer inside and connect with the essence of the coral


We are part of nature; we have never truly left. Instead of thinking of yourself as someone who

interacts with nature, consider that there is more around you than just you on this planet. You are

also a tenant, sharing this world with countless other life forms. Just because you can't see or

have direct contact with the corals doesn't mean they don't exist and aren't alive.

My question for you is: What can you do to help marine life? It's no longer just about separating

your trash; it's about not generating waste in the first place.

In this delicate dance of life, let us remember that we are not solitary spectators but fellow

tenants of this intricate world and our actions ripple through the oceans, resonating with every

heartbeat beneath the waves

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